Smartphones & Tablets

We strive to help our clients achieve the most amazing Augmented Reality campaigns.

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Augmented Reality

ClearView is an Augmented Reality platform, running on our self-developed technology ZTAR™.

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Sophisticated Backends

Design and interaction isn’t everything, when it comes to dynamic content. We see server-side solutions as the backbone in all digital products and campaigns.

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Customizable Design

We believe that nothing is impossible, and we’ll go extremely far to achieve the best campaigns for our clients.

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Who we are

ClearView™ is a premier developer of Augmented Reality campaigns. We strive to deliver cutting edge experiences, using state of the art technologies for both Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.
Our goal is to create the general Augmented Reality scanner, and hereby give our users and our clients, the easiest and best experience.

Core Features of ClearView™

Super Powerful & Easy to Use AR Scanner

ClearView™ is a cross-platform Augmented Reality application powered by the ZTAR image-tracking technology. ClearView™ utilizes a 3rd-party cloud-setup, which allows us to progressively update the augmented reality content in the application daily. Aside from producing state-of-the-art augmented reality content, we focus intensely on upgrading and finetuning our realtime rendering engine, to deliver lightweight high-end 3D content on mobile hardware.

  • Cross-platform

  • Custom designs

  • Premium-class support

  • Platform Responsive

  • Social media integration

  • 3D content

  • Growing userbase

  • Extremely user friendly

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Clients & Testimonials

More than 3 000 users

  • Using ClearView to scan the new Nik & Jay campaign has simply been an amazing experience! The 3D is extremely stable, and it almost felt like this screens were actually standing on my table! I really recommend that people download and try this application.
    Jonathan Retbøll
    Jonathan Retbøll
Copenhagen Records
ZTAR™ Powered

Featured ClearView™ Campaigns

Best & Most Popular campaigns

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